Read My Thoughts… Siro-A

(This is the first of what I hesitate to call a review series, as I’m not that experienced call it my impressions of a thing with a score to add a little summary at the end.)

Siro-A is an espresso shot for your eyes. Three performers fill the large auditorium with infectious energy, but there is a fourth performer in the room, no less important to the show. The sound and lighting have been beautifully choreographed, and innovative uses of these effects create an impressive virtual reality onstage. Combined, these four make it very believable that we are seeing a man getting chased by disconnected giant hands, or engaged in battle with an opponent made of silhouetted tennis balls.

The performance flows well, divided into several short sections focusing on a different theme- often bringing a complete change in energy and aesthetics, from the hyper-colorful geometry of ‘Box’ to the threatening darkness of ‘Phantom’. Just when you think your eyes cannot handle being blasted by fast-moving light, Siro allow you to rest and gather the pieces of your blown mind.

While only very occasional, the reliance on projection meant that every mistake stuck out, highlighted by light falling on the wrong part of the stage. However these mishaps were very rare, and quickly corrected, drawing the attention back to where it was intended to be. When an audience gets as involved as the audience for Siro-A were, these mistakes matter little; when a whole auditorium is ready to clap along to the closing number, you know those mistakes do not matter.

The soundtrack deserves a special mention- a combination of chiptune and other electric styles suits the show to a tee and provides a fantastic backdrop to the pieces.

One warning needs to be given- there are some occasions where the flashing lights in a very dark auditorium can be too much- this is definitely not a eye-friendly show. I would argue a slight headache is worth the strain.

Aside from this, Siro-A is difficult even to nit-pick and scores 4/5 projected stars.